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Queensland Vintage Motocross Club is a social motocross club which offers members the opportunity to participate in both practice days and race days throughout the year. We cater for bikes in various classes from pre 60 to pre 95 and sidecars. When it comes to racing the club is about fun and socialising with others that share the passion for older bikes, not about how fast you ride or how many races you win. If your interested in becoming a member and want to know more the best place to start, after reading the FAQs, is to visit one of our club days.

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Who can join QVMX?

Anyone is welcome to join QVMX. As with most clubs, membership is subject to approval by the committee and you must be a Senior Race license holder to ride. Event licences can be purchased on the day of Club events. For more information about licences go to the Motorcycling Australia website.

What age groups can ride?

All age groups are welcomed. This year the Club will trial a Junior class (12-16yrs). Juniors will be allowed to race a modern 85cc bike or 80-125cc VMX bike. Junior riders younger than 12yrs can ride their bikes at most practice days. Information will be published to the Club Calendar prior to an event being run.

How much does it cost to ride with QVMX?

  • $60 Senior Membership (yearly)
  • $100 Family Membership (yearly)
  • $10 Associate Member (yearly)
Practice days cost:
  • MQ Licence required, or one day event licences are available on the day. $35
  • Senior ride fee each day.
    • Member - $45
    • Non-Member - $55
  • Junior ride fee $15 each day.
  • Ladies and Juniors can ride modern bikes at practice.
  • Pee Wee track for kids.
Race days cost:
  • $65 - Race Day entry fee.
  • $35 - Junior Race Day entry fee
  • $75 - 1 day Motorcycling Australia (MA) license (non-MA license holders)

Note: Costs may change each year.

Camping is generally free for most Club events.

What racing classes does QVMX support?

  • Pre75 | Pre78 | EVO | Pre85 | Pre90 | Pre95
  • All classes run in capacity 125, 250, 263-open
  • Limited Sidecar - at suitable venues.
  • Up to PRE 95 Womens Unlimited* Class - Women can also ride a modern bike but modern will not be scored in championship.
  • Junior  (ages 12-16), (80cc-85cc 2stroke, 80cc 4 stroke up to 150cc 4 stroke) Vintage or Modern- MODERN not scored in Championship
  • Junior (ages 12-16), Post Classic (Up to Pre 95) 125cc 2 Stroke
  • Up to Pre 90 Unlimited* 4 Stroke
  • Up to Pre 95 Unlimited* Trail Bike/ Enduro 
  • Up to Pre 95 Unlimited*  Rookie/Novice- Club determines eligibility
  • Up to Pre 95 Unlimited*  Over 50 years as at  20/03/2018
  • Up to Pre 95 Unlimited* Over 60 years as at 20/03/2018
  • *Unlimited being any capacity you choose eg: 125cc-up to 263cc- 263cc and up

Whilst we try to support various classes a minimum numbers of 6 entrants is required to constitute a race, so from time to time, some classes may be combined.

When do you meet for Riding?

All club and inter-club events are posted to our calendar.

What kind of tracks do you race at?

The club races on a number of different types of tracks from natural terrain tracks at Boyland, QLD Moto Park, Coles Creek, to established MX tracks at Cononndale and Echo Valley.

How competitive is it, I’m a novice rider?

At QVMX we are about the enjoyment of vintage bikes, not how good, fast or slow you ride.

Where can I get a VMX bike?

There are a number of places you can get bikes and spares. Many members have been collecting bikes and spares and are constantly restoring bikes to sell so come along to one of our meetings or check out our Facebook page. All bikes must pass scrutineering before racing and this is a requirement at all races.

Am I able to ride my bike in more than one class?

All VMX bikes can be ridden up classes, but not down, eg Pre 85 250 can be ridden in Pre 90 250.

Where can I find more information about Vintage MX?

There are a number of Facebook sites around and most of members post on the Club's Facebook site. You can also find information on the Motorcycling QLD and Motorcycling Australia websites. The best source of information is from our members so be sure to come to our next meeting.

Is my bike ready for scrutineering?
It is the duty of QVMX and its Officials to check all bikes before they are allowed on the track. Please ensure that your bike complies as this is for your own safety as well as your fellow competitors. Here a few tips:

  • Ensure your bike is clean for inspection.
  • Bike MUST have an effective muffler. We are required by law to noise test bikes at our events.
  • Tyres in good condition (not cracked or severely worn).
  • Brakes fully functional.
  • Self returning foot pegs.
  • Self returning throttle.
  • Working kill switch.
  • No rusty, loose or broken spokes.
  • No fuel leaks!!!! Danger! Fire! Bad!
  • Ball ends on all levers.
  • Plugged handlebar ends.
  • Side stands and bark busters must be removed.
  • Cables to be secured in place, not flapping around.

Download the Scrutineering checklist

It’s easier to turn up with a track ready bike than to try and comply in the short time between scrutineering and racing.

Where can I get more information?

Please contact the Club Secretary for any information about the club.





















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